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About me

I'm a software engineer by trade, currently working at IFTTT, but I've always been an artist at heart. All growing up, I wanted to be an artist "when I grow up," but I tumbled into technology, half on-accident, half because, you know, money.

I've always been an autodidact with stuff (thanks YouTube), typically eschewing traditional education paths (including for software development), and my art is no different. Despite completing enough credits for nearly three majors in college, none of them were art or included art as a component. But that diversity and curiousity has strongly colored the lens that my art is filtered through, which I feel like has enriched it despite not improving it technically.

Focusing more seriously on my art is a recent development as I've sought to re-discover and re-engage with parts of myself that I had to let go of for whatever reason through adulthood. My style is rough and imperfect, and I think presents an accurate projection of my person.

Shorter bio

Here's a super short bio for your usage if needed:

A self-taught artist who masquerades as a lowly software engineer by day, J. Remy works in several media creating with the veneer of pop art and the grit of folk art.

Artist statement

Here's an artist statement that covers most of my work:

J. Remy is a self-taught artist whose work spans multiple media from painting to sculpture to interactive installations like escape rooms. His work can be thought of as brutally reductionistic, presenting the flattest and purest forms of the subject in often distorted, imperfect ways. It's art brut, naive art cosplaying as pop/folk art. His work is representative of the flawed and battered lens through which his art is projected, and he strives to raise an appreciation of these flaws through his work rather than hide or idealize them. His work has been included as part of several juried installations and exhibitions, and he is actively working with several exhibitions to further share his art.